Just burned a DVD...first time problem

Got this error message:

I tried burning some games, and i deleted them cuz my drive still detects them, and the files, but i get that error.

I burned it w/nero 6…what messed up?

Try to run CD-DVD Speed with another DVD drive, if it’s ok than the disc is ok. NEC 2500a is a bad reader. This happens a lot to me too, and if I use BenQ 4x4x12x burnerto read, it read perfectly.

i have a dvd-rw and a cd-rw

does me no good if i can’t read it on my nec drive

i put it back in my nero drive, and it reads the disk

it knows what’s on the DVD, but it says it can’t read it :confused:

shold i just delete the old copies?

Did you delete the old copies?Try to read it with a different drive and if you get the same error then try to copy as many files you can and then use COPYTODVD which is the best for dvd.Good luck

i have copytodvd as well

That burned all my good copies…i tested with nero and it messed up the DVD :frowning:

As has been said a lot… NEC 2500A are notorious for a lack of reading ability… you trade reading ability for the sweet burning capabilities and low low price…