Just bought zune...want to rip DVD's to it

I’m probably typical: I just got a new Zune 120G and I want to be able to rip DVD’s to it. My brother said anyDvd was good, but I want the easiset possible way to remove copy protection, rip to the hard drive, then put onto Zune and also be able to watch on the computer if desired. No interest in anything beyond that; just want to be able to watch the DVD’s on the Zune…any advice appreciated. Thanks!

You might want to scroll down the main forum page to the DVDFab subforum. DVDFab will do eveything you’re looking for. There is a 30 day free trial.

As stated by Whappo DVDFab is very good and will do what you want :iagree: Magic DVD Ripper is another great program that I use for mobile devices :bigsmile:

and the settings required to make it look good not only on the zune but also on the TV using the dock DVDFAB seems to have a default of 640kbps bit rate… what is the best bit rate to do for the 120GB zune?