Just bought surround sound speakers, not working on sblive



I just got a good buy on some labtec x-540 speakers, which is a sub, center, 2 fronts and 2 rears. I hooked them up to the on board sound jacks using just the green plug as per the instructions, and could get sound from the rear speakers using the “matrix” button on the speakers. I then pulled an old SBlive value card from an old dell and installed it, it has the black and green jacks but no orange one, so I plugged in the black and green as per the instructions but still the only time I get sound from the rear speakers is if I press the matrix button. I checked on creatives site with their utility and it said I was using the latest drivers, but they are windows drivers that xp installed when I rebooted.

Should I download creative drivers and install them anyway?



Download the latest official drivers from Creative. If that doesn’t solve the problem then it might be a software or hardware conflict.