Just Bought: Plextor 708A

Just bought the thing and brought it home along with 50 Memorex DVD + Rs

Gonna shut the system down and install it and try my hand at copying a DVD or two.

This is my first time at this … i’ll report my (mis) adventures probably later tonight lol

Well it installed really easy.

I just started Decrypting a test DVD “Dude Wheres My Car?” (yeah yeah lol) it was decrypting at 7X but dropped down to 1X about halfway through. Not sure why.

Not sure if thats a hardware thing or a software issue.

This is the first DVD i’ve ever tried to dycrpit so i guess i could be doning something wrong. (I picked “file mode”)

-goes off to wait for it to finish-

what software are you using to convert dvd to dvdr

Im using Nero to actually burn the DVDs.

So far though i’ve been unable to actually decrypt a DVD 9. The DVD 5s that i’ve tried (two) both decyrpted fine and then burned fine via nero.

I just started trying to decrypt “Dude Wheres my Car” again and it errors out about halfway through every time. Im trying Gladiador now… -waits to see if it works-

DVDShrink v3 will make you a happy guy.

Holy crap i was finally able to actually burn a DVD 9 onto a DVD+R without any screw-ups or errors -faints- -falls out chair- !!!


-does the happy dance-

I’m a novice, but is DVD-9 dual layer? I was able to rip Finding Nemo which ended up 8GB with my Pioneer DVDROM and it only took about 10 minutes. Using DVD Decrypter.

I hear good things about DVDsrhink, too!

Ya dvd 9 = the big ones.

When you say 10 minutes… you mean to -only- decrypt right?

I started using DVD Shrink… which decryps and compresses all in one action. It seems to aveage about 30 to 45 minutes to do that.

Yeah ripping takes about 8 to 10 minutes, transcoding around 25 to 30 minutes.

I always use “deep scan” with DVD Shrink 3 beta 5. While the deep scan analysis and encoding together takes about 30 to 45 minutes, the quality is excellent and the DVD size is always spot on.