Just bought new Pioneer DVR-710/DVR-111D write speed and audio cd skip problem

hi. i purchased a Pioneer DVR-710/DVR-111D today and im having some issues. at first i seen that i have an 80wire IDE cable so i figured i could burn at 16x dvd-r speed. i got the burner on Secondary Master setting and Ultra DMA4. when i burn a dvd or cd it never burns as fast as its suppose to. like if i burn at 16x dvd-r itll only get about 10-11x and my cd-r supposed to be 40x and i only get about 28x. also when i burn an audio cd and play it back the songs have skips in them about every 10-25 seconds :frowning: . my old HP cd-writer started to do the same thing with the skipping on audio cds. the reason i replaced it with the 111D. can anyone help me please?

Reinstall your Windooze! I’m sure it’s a usual and well-known “soaping” of your Windows instalation.
Look here, what I’ve recently had with my Pio 110:


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When I ordered a DVR-111D, I’ve got exactly THE SAME problem, so I could understand, that the problem is NOT in the drive(s). Restored my Windows from a DVD backup, which I’d made earlier from a clean WinXP setup with all drivers and mostly used progs, but before setting up the Kaspersky AV (which had its license period over just before these DVD-bugs started) and the problem disappeared!

Your case seems to be similar.

Right, more and more 3rd party drivers and softwares “corrupt” the OS routines and prevent other tools from working properly. The sad sad truth…

When did you last defrag the HDD?

Regarding the Audio CDs , most here would recommend 16x as the speed to avoid jitter which causes playback issues.

It could also be down to the media you’re using , so what brands of DVD & CD-R have you got?

What software do you use to burn? If it’s Nero what’s happening to the Used Read Buffer? If it’s all over the place then a defrag could be the answer.

Address these issues before embarking on a Windows re-install.

k guys thnx for the help. the dvd’s (verbatim 16x) i been burning seem to work fine now. and my cd’s (memorex 48x) work better now too. i took the advice not to burn dvd’s at the max speed and i burn at 12x and works fine. and i changed my audio cd burn speed to 32x and no skips in cds so far :clap: , but if i ever have anymore problems ill just change the speed to 18x like you said. thnx for the help guys. :bigsmile: ps. i use nero and it just has a logo w/ ultra buffer on it and it doesnt have the status bar of buffer though.

ok the audio cd i burned at 32x started having skips pretty frequently starting at about song #3 so i changed the burn speed to 16x for the next cd and it skips in every song. this is very frustrating seeing as i just bought the drive 5 days ago. EDIT: i just found a site that says the MP3PRO.dll in nero is messed up and a ton of people have this problem. fixing to downgrade to an older version of the .dll and ill let you know what happens.

@ bza420 -

Many informed knowledgeable Forum Members are aware that Memorex Media is problematic sub par Media and avoid purchasing and attempting to use.

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=33) and research for known proven Media that will consistently produce quality error free results.

Easy CD-DA Extractor (http://www.poikosoft.com) is an excellent software program for your Audio CDs and works flawlessly unlike the buggy Nero garbage.

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It is nero 7? Have you updated to the latest version? There is (was - don’t know if its fixed) a problem with nero that caused audio cd’s to skip. Have a search. I’m still on nero 6 :smiley:

Burrrn (www.burrrn.net) is a very simple free Audio CD burning app. It’ll handle many formats of tracks and does a very decent job.

I’d never use Nero for Audio CDs.

Memorex media is of highly questionable quality both for CD & DVD & the I use Verbatim CDs exclusively (Pastels & Super AZO being the best) & have none of the problems you have.

yeah i fixed the problem. i d/l’ed a mp3pro.dll thats older than the one i had and it works now. skip free w/ about 6 cds at 16x. glad i fixed that. :bigsmile: