Just bought my first plextor PX-230A

Just bought my first plextor PX-230A and i want to know if there are any official reviews
This burner replaces my EXCELENT MITSUMI CR-48XATE 40/12/32 witch is still working even after more than 10k disks i burned with it !
Ok, i just need to know what this new burner is capable to do like cd protections etc…
Also i observed a problem with it :
in nero cd speed when i try to burn a test disk max speed , at the end of the disk (about 48-50x) it slows down to 24x and continues till the end like that !
dma is on , latest drivers , latest firmware 1.02!
I tried this with diferent media like verbatim , sony ,skc , ritek

also by curiosity i opened the drive just barely not to break the waranty seal and i saw the chipset inside marked as ALI

sry for the english !

The only test i ever found is this one: http://www.cdr.cz/a/14536 I hope you do speak the language :slight_smile:

also i bought this drive retail but i canot fint the plextools disk inside
but on the plextor webside they anounce that plextools pro come with the drive


The retail packages may differ between countries. Where did you buy the drive?

canada !

also on the plextor website they state thet infodisk cd-rw ultra 24x speed media is recomended with the drive , yet i simply canot write a single memorex ultra cd-rw 24x media (infodisk) witchout errors !
When i scan the cd with cd-speed all the dots are red !
Also, do you know guys if i can check the quality of the media with this new drive ?

sry for bad english !

ok just found a small reveiew here :

what’s the difference between this and the premium?

premium i think it uses more techonologies like gigarec but this one is like a plain cdrw writter but suposely more quality !

death-heaven I don’t know if the drive is shipped with PlexTools in Canada. The website you linked to points to Plextor Europe and Canada does not fall under Europe. In Europe most Plextor drives are shipped with PlexTools but unfortunately in America and Japan this is not the case so retail packages may differ per country/region.

About your issues with CD-RW media; I can’t say much about this. CD-RW discs are often of lower quality and if you really want to use these discs it would be wise to get some high quality discs such as Verbatim. To test the quality of your drive with CD-R media it would be best to just buy some discs and do a test burn.

Let us know how it goes, good luck!

Plextor Americas shows that the PX-230 does not ship with Plextools. I think the PX-230 is a rebadge anyways, so Plextools wouldn’t do much…

(near bottom of the page)

Very likely to be true. Up until the 52/24/52 and the Premium Plextor CDRWs used Sanyo chips. The 230 uses an ALI M5505 and therefore does not support the Q-Check, Gigarec or Varirec features…

Here is my first post.
I need a new burner, my PX-708A is failing (unreadable DVds).
My main concern is CD quality burning (CD audio).
PX-755A or PX-716A would do ? or I better buy also a CD only burner?
If so PX-230A ? (Premium is no longer available).
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As for CD burning quality i’m very satisfied with both my 712 and 716. I do have a Premium too, but rarely use it because the DVD-Drives work so good. Just make sure you use quality media that are on the recommended list.

I use Taiyo Yuden CDs.
Then if I trust a DVD burner for my CDs, 755A or 716A ?
Too many questions, I know, but I have to make a quick decition.
Thx again

Taiyo Yuden media is considered to be quality media and the Plextor drives are known to work well with these discs (as do almost all other optical drives).

but if i canot check the quality of the disks then please telle me what is the best dvd-rom witch it can check the quality of cd/dvd and also that it will playback dvd-ram disks as i use them instead of in-cd crap!
If there is one i will buy it to replace my matshita dvd-rom reader

here are my system drives

matshita dvd rom 16x
(prety well built unit with dvd-ram support but not q check)

plextor px-230a cd-rw
(i like the drive but i simply dont know how to check the media burn quality ) also prety fast drive and well build "heavier than a lg cd-rw but nothing compared to my older mitsumi “i wish i could bought a mitsumi again but they stopped making cd-rw like yamaha”(ahh the old times where you could only fing metal inside and almost no plastik like today)

lg gsa-4167b dvd-burner
prety good burner so far but no quality check so is useless for testing disks !
alsi what i like about this drive is the dvd-ram support !

For quality testing you will need either a CD-RW burner or a DVDRW burner. Some DVD-ROMs also support quality scanning but their reliability is questionable as best. Most people consider the Plextor Premium to be the best CD-RW burner Plextor has made and it support C1/C2/CU error scanning on CD-R/RW based media. But, it’s not easy to get this drive as it’s not manufactured anymore (but still available in some places). It does not support DVD-RAM of course. I don’t know a lot of drives that do support this to be honest.

do pioneer dvd burner drives support quality checks :confused: