Just bought me a 1693s

I have a few questions, I just received this burner yesterday and it burns like a dream compared to my teac. I’ve noticed that Liteon’s website has an updated firmware of august 18th or something. Should I flash my firmware with the new one? Or should I look for a custom firmware? What would it benefit me to flash it in the first place. I’m currenty using maxell + r 8x. I know I sound like a total newbie, but I would appreciate any advice.

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Usually (but not always) flashing to latest firmware solve many problems and improve burning quality.

To see if your burnings are good with this firmware (anyway you don’t say what fw you have right now) is necessary to see a scan of the media.

You can use Kprobe or cd-dvd speed. Try to do a scan of your burned media and post here.

You neglected to post what your current firmware is, but you should at least go to KS09 as certain earlier firmwares had problems with C2 errors when burning cds. I have had very good results with KS0B so I would recommend going all the way.

Kewl, I’ll do that as soon as possible. What firmware do they ship with?

It varies based on date of manufacturer. In any case, when you flash it will tell you the old firmware first. See here for firmwares.