Just bought LITE-ON Black USB 2.0 External DVD Burner Model SOHW-1693SX

looking for opinions on it and what i can expect from an external burner, this is my first venture into that. thank you

well i also own that unit i decided to remove the drive from unit and use it in pc as i could never burn past 8x with it the max burst rate was 15mb/sec to slow for 12x or 16x. I have p4 2.4ghz pc with windows xp and I have USB2 card, I have never been able to burn past 8x over USB2 now firewire i can burn 12x with my dual enclosure, but not 16x.

i also have the 1693sx … can i remove the drive from its enclosure and put in an NEC or benq drive in its place?

NO that enclosure is custom for liteon drive backs no cables or power wires its circuit board molded to fit the back of liteon enternal drives, I had the same idea but once you take it open you will see that the spacing of power connector and ide connector on drives is not uniform and you cant mix and match :frowning: