Just bought DVDFab - HELP!

I paid for DVDFab Platinum and registered it. I put in my CSS protected DVD and got a message saying that my version of DVDFab Platinum does not support CSS. What am I missing? The AD clearly says that the software WILL handle CSS, otherwise I wouldn’t have paid $49.99.

H E L P !

Where did you buy it?. Also place your post in the following since the author and the owner of DVDFAB visits that forum and he will answer your question.


$49.99 :slight_smile:
Use RipIt4Me or DVD-Ripper both are [B]FREE[/B] and capable of removing CSS protected out of your DVDs :slight_smile:


Try removing it and redownload from this site http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm also DVDFAB has a great forum on here too

Only for a little while as Ripit4Me is now history and not updated and why have 2 or 3 programs to do the job that just 1 can do :confused:

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I’ll transfer this to the DVD Fab forum now…

well restart your pc maybe that will help out

Thanks TCAS. I downloaded the software from your link and now it works fine.
I gotta wonder why DVDFab would give me an incomplete version when I purchased it. Well, at least it works now. Now I’m afraid to down load the new beta version since it might not handle CSS.

Once I installed the version from the link you supplied, I was able to make a duplicate with no problems! :bow:

Fear not, Aces1212!
Unlike some other software houses, the beta classification doesn’t mean that the new update is full of bugs just lying in wait for you.
3115beta works great, and really takes care of any recent Sony protection, for example. :iagree:
See y’all later, then. Jim :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to download the updates, You’re all set now. I had the same problem when I first bought dvdfab, once I took care of that problem everything works great and I download the updates and everything still works great.

aces1202: It could have just been a corrupt file or something when you downloaded it