Just Bought clonedvd and have a question

Hi all,

First, thanks for taking the time to read my question, and second, my apology if it has been covered. I’m hoping an in-house expert will see my post and quickly send me on my way :slight_smile:

I’m still new to backing up my movie collection, so bare with me because a lot of things many people here take for granted, I still don’t know.

4 months ago I bought 1clickdvdcopy, and used it along with their recommended dvd43free; it worked fine for me on about 200 back-ups.
Once I found a media that worked, I stayed with it (why mess with success was my rational)

During the last couple weeks, there were 2 movies I was unable to back up:

  1. Hitch, and
  2. Disc #4 of Sopranos season 5 (Bad sector)

So I started reading more info here and thought I need some new software.
Yesterday I purchased CloneDVD version, and tried it on a test dvd to see how it worked.

I used my DVD “Rounders”, and according to the software, was successful in creating a back-up.

I placed the back-up copy into my set top player, and it was unable to read the disc.
First the text on the tv said “reading”, and then it changed to “DVD”, so I thought all was fine, and then it disapeared from the screen and wouldnt play.

The copy does play perfectly on my computer using “Power DVD”

Here are the details of my media, as well as my pc, and the set top player.
Keep in mind, these all worked when I used 1click+dvd43free, but now it didnt work with clonedvd

TDK PrintOn DVD-R 8x
Also on the package it says: DVD-R47WMDCC50TP
4.7 GB Single Sided

That’s all it says on the cover, if it’s any help, I bought them at Costco because they have the white cover, and I print directly on them with the R300 printer.

DVD writer details:

Dell dimension xps
p4 / 3.8 Ghz
2 gig ram

the set top player I tried to play it on is a Toshiba SD-V291 (dvd / vcr player combo)

Is it possible for the new clonedvd software, I need a different media?
I don’t mind paying more money, I just prefer to buy media that is "print-on)

I’m sorry for the long winded novel, and if anyone could recommend a solution, or way to fix my problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Ask for a refund, you bought the wrong software, sorry.

Your “CloneDVD” is not Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD2,it is belong to CloneDVD.net
You should try “real” CloneDVD2 :bigsmile:

@ CrazyFoo,

Sorry to hear that.

As suggested by Olli (Original author of CloneCD and CloneDVD Author) contact CloneDVD Net (http://www.clonedvd.net) and demand a complete and total refund.

Perchance if you want the real thing suggest visiting either one of the below links.



Best Regards,

Better to contact Emetrix (the service provider) and ask for a refund. While you are at it, you can inform the FBI that Emetrix is violating the DMCA by selling copy protection circumventing software in the US. Good luck! :wink:

OMG, do I ever feel like an ass!
All this stuff I read about clonedvd, and I had no idea I bought the “wrong” clonedvd.

Guys, I’m very naive about this stuff still, so I don’t understand 100%, does this new software I just bought not work at all? Are all the claims they make at their site not true? I want to ask for a refund, I just want a reason in my email request other than “because”.
If I got "ripped off and they won’t refund me, I’ll just call my credit card company, but I want to know the reasons.

Thanks for all your help.


Although I am a big fan of Elaborate Bytes and have enormous respect for Olli based on what I read in these forums, and support his apparent frustration at customers purchasing a product that sounds like his product, I am a bit disappointed at seeing Olli advocating trying to turn this firm into the FBI. Personally, I’d rather see our law enforcement friends spending their time on more important matters these days . . . like keeping innocent civilians alive and safe on public transportation.

Ollie: Can’t you make your software somehow more easily differeniated from the “Sound Alikes”. Call the Origional Clone or the Real Clone, make it so new people to this hobby are not duped into buying look alikes. It almost like buying one of those fake Rolex watches in N.Y.C.

Hi again all,

I just downbloaded the trail version of “anydvd” (the little fox in my system tray) and used it with 1 click, the results were perfect, so I will purchase this software when the trial is over (maybe even sooner if my questions are answered)

I like the idea that the software writer is a member of these boards, it’s comforting.
If my current (oneclick and anydvd) work for me, do you guys recommend I still purchase ‘the real clonedvd’ when I purchase anydvd? I’m asking because it’s cheaper in the combo.

I still want to write a letter and get a refund back from clonedvd, but im still waiting for a good reason to put in their email.
I hope they refund, the thing that strikes me as odd is that I’m sure when I bought the software the other day, I saw a 100% guarantee on their site, but today I can’t find it anywhere.


Recomend the combo deal from Slysoft to get both AnyDVD and CloneDVD licenses. AnyDVD is $39 and the combo gives you CloneDVD2 for an addition $20, total of $59. BTW you should download CloneDVD2 and test it along with AnyDVD, it has a free 21 day trial also.

Why would Elaborate Bytes CloneDVD2 spend the time and expense to change their name that they had worked so hard to develop.

I think rather the parasite CloneDVD (Emitrex) be forced to change their name.
I am still baffled as to why Elaborate Bytes has permitted this name infringement, I really would like to know why nothing is done.

@ CrazyFoo,

I totally agree with Forum member Kringles suggestion concerning purchasing the SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com) AnyDVD-CloneDVD bundle package.

Best Regards,

Who said, that they didn’t? Problem is, they hadn’t much success… yet.

Strange. You said, you have fallen for the fake CloneDVD, but instead of trying the “real” CloneDVD (probably the one you heard good things about, and which you actually wanted), you try 1-click. :confused:


I’m well aware I am new here, but with all due respect, I find your tone rubbing me the wrong way.
First of all, I didn’t know there was a “real” clonedvd, and a “fake”, this is/was news to me.
You think I enjoy spending $144 Canadian for something that will not do what was promised? I don’t.
If that’s not bad enough, I have to read your sarcastic and condescending comment that insuates I’m somehow not telling the truth, or I deserve to get screwed.

As far as 1click, I bought that back in Feb; it was my first purchase when I was brand new to this hobby.

Not that I owe you an explanation.
Does this make me a bad person? Am I committing some awful wrong by using 1click before I even knew your software existed?
Did you know everything about this hobby when you started out? Were you such a genius that you didn’t have any learning curve to get over, and knew all there was to know?

I don’t think so, so I don’t appreciate your sarcasm and your condescension from your post, because that’s how I am taking you right now.

With that being said, I’d appreciate if we could get along and you drop your crappy attitude.

Now that I’ve said my rant, I’d like to extend my hand for a virtual handshake, and kindly request you do the same.

I’m not here to cause trouble, I’m only here to learn and possibly help others (when I gain knowledge), but I refuse to take anyone’s $hit, yours included.

BTW, can anyone verify that the software I purchased from clonedvd.net does not in fact work as advertised? I still want to send them an email with a detailed reason as to why I am asking for a refund. Then I will buy the “real” combo.

Nonono, I am sorry, I did not want to accuse or offend you in any way!
I was just curious. I wasn’t aware that you already had 1-click, I thought you had bought it AFTER you have bought the “fake” (or, well, let’s say the “other”) CloneDVD. You are free to do what you want, and of course you do not owe any explanation, I just wanted to know, what triggered this buying decision. (Which actually didn’t happen)
Never mind, I believe this was just a misunderstanding. :flower:

crazyfoo, i think you took olli’s post the wrong way. he was just trying to help you find the real clonedvd. i have seen a lot of people have problems with the other one, and they werent happy with it. i strongly recommend buying the anydvd and clonedvd from the slysoft website. it is a great product and they are constantly updating their product. i know its frustrating when you are first getting started. the first product i bought was dvdxplatinum and it cost over a hundred dollars to. i also have 1click copy. the best part with anydvd and clonedvd is the great support that you get. especially these forums, anytime i have ran into a problem someone here has went out of their way to help me, thats why i recommend it to all of my friends.


We need to be buddy’s if I’m to get support from you after I buy your products :slight_smile:
Misunderstandings happens far to easily online, and I am glad this is all it was.
Forgive me if I over reacted.

I just sent a email to clonedvd.net, requesting a total refund for their product, and the reason I provided was because the software did not do what they said.

Do you guys think they will refund my credit card?

If they do not, I will call my credit card company and request they reverse the charges.

Anyway, Olli, I have a further question for you please.
As I said earlier, I tested your anydvd (the little fox) in conjuction with one click, and it worked perfectly.
What more will I be able to do with the real clonedvd that I can’t do with 1click?

I will buy the package deal because for $20 more, its reasonable to me.

I would like to keep both software anyway in case one can’t back-up a certain copy, and the other will.

Finally, please provide the best link for me to buy the combo.

Thanks spiderman, I only saw your post after posting the last one, we missed each other by seconds I think :slight_smile:

Yes, I will buy the combo.
I like the idea the software writer is a member on this board, it is very appealing to me.
(for when I have questions)


@ CrazyFoo,

Buddy you need to chill out.

Your original posting in this thread is proof that your Emetrix/CloneDVD.Net copy of CloneDVD does in fact not work.

I believe you should closely look at who Olli actually is. He is in fact the guy who authored the CloneDVD, CloneCD software programs and was instrumental in the development of the AnyDVD software program.

Its not Olli’s fault that you were unaware that there was a rip off copy of the original CloneDVD software program. You don’t need to take your anger out on Olli or anyone else at this Forum.

I suggest that you need to acquire a better attitude in your postings in this Forum because with your present attitude you will not win any friends here. You are the one that is truly displaying a “Crappy”” attitude. With the “Crappy” attitude you have displayed in posting #15 in this thread I cannot possibly understand how you can “Help” anyone here.

If don’t want to acquire a more cordial attitude in you postings I can assure that you will not be welcomed here.

Best Regards,