Just Bought A Used PC Needs New Burner. What Are the Highest Quality Burners on New Egg or Amazon These days?

Came with a Lite-On that seems mediocre. Quality burns both dvd & cd are important to me. Win 10 Pro 64 bit.


I haven’t tested any current models, but I want to say that during a recent project to dub all of my aging HD-DVD disc library, I had been giving my LG combo drive an extensive workout. Over 100 discs were read over a few weeks, often with significant read error retries (due to copy protection schemes) causing countless seeking operations. The LG drive is still going strong, though I worried it might quit - it’s not a young ODD after all. If they still make drives to last like mine has, it’s a brand I would continue to support.

I don’t know anything about dvd and cd buners but if you need advice for blu-ray, let me know.