Just bought a sylvania DVD/VHS combo recorderDVR90VF

My panasonic DVD player started freezing up on me so it was time for a new one, I decided to try a DVD recorder with built in VHS.

I got it at sears for $149, tried recording with it and it is a snap and it records great. It is much easier to transfer my VHS to DVD than importing them into my computer and burning them with my BENQ1620. The only thing I didn’t care for is that you can only use DVD-R or DVD-RW, all I use is +R so I had to pick up a spool. If you try to fit more that 4 hours on a disc, the quality reall drops off.


Have you been able to playback DVD-R(finalized) on your PC?

I have a Sylvania DVR90VF also, but cannot playback on my PC. I keep getting a message that the ‘device is not ready’ and does not recognize the disc.

I can playback on other standalone players. I have not contacted Sylvania yet to see if they have any suggestions.