Just bought a Plextor PX-740A\SW at best buy, need some information on cross flashing

i have been reading the post about people cross flashing this drive to the BENQ 1640 and am wondering if i do that will the plextor lose it’s great DVD ripping speed. i already own 1 BENQ 1640 and bought the Plextor for it’s great ripping speed and as a backup to the BENQ. also, is there a way to enable overspeed without cross flashing the 740?

Well you might want to return the 740A to BB. Starting on Sunday, they have the Sony 810A (1640A) for $49.00 after rebates…

nah, rebates blow. it is not worth the effort to fill the paper work out then set and wait 3-4 months for something that 90% of the time will never show up anyhow. i have never had any luck with rebates so anymore when i see something that is on sale via rebate only i ignore it altogether.

A Plextor PX740 is a rebadged BenQ 1640; the hardware inside is identical. The only difference is the firmware and the faceplate.

Since you already own (another) 1640, why would you want to lose any advantages that the Plextor firmware may have, in exchange for BenQ advantages that you already have in your other drive?

Just askin’ because it’s difficult to understand exactly what you think you’re missing out on. If you want to overspeed (burn media at higher speeds than it is rated for), your 1640 will do that using QSuite 2.0 “Overburn” function. As for ripping speed, I think the 1640 rips as fast as anything else out there.

well i used the same DVD movie and ripped it with the plextor and the benq and the plextor was faster by about 500kbs, not much but it is faster. not sure if it has anything to do with master and slave settings or not. the plextor is on IDE 2 as master by itself and the benq is on IDE 1 as slave to the OS hard drive.

I would bet that it probably is your IDE arrangement. Having a ripper on the same channel as the hard disc it is being ripped to is almost certainly slower than reading from a device on one IDE channel and writing to a device on the other. The reading/ripping from the 1640 has to wait momentarily while the hard disc is committing writes. It’s for that reason that I think most people have their hard disc on an IDE channel by itself, and their two burners on the other channel. If you do a lot of burner-to-burner direct copying, this wouldn’t work for you.

You can test this theory, if you want, by reversing the drives or by moving the 1640 (as slave still) to the other IDE channel. I have my 1640 as slave to a Plextor PX712, both on the secondary IDE with the HDs on the primary IDE.

well i moved the benq to slave to the plextor and ripped the movie to ISO file. ripping time for the benq was 14 minutes 44 seconds and the ripping time for the plextor was 13 minutes 9 seconds.

Hi :slight_smile:
Use MCSE on BenQ f/w ticking speed read. Then reflash & see it rip alot quicker.

noob question time, what is MCSE? NEVER MIND :o

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MediaCodeSpeedEdit, even if you don’t want to get into swapping strats. This is still worthwhile. Take a look here

well i flashed my BENQ with the improve read speed box checked but did not see any big improvement, went from 14 minutes 44 seconds to 14 minutes 11 rip time. plextor still beats it. so there will be no cross flashing the plextor for me, will wait and hope plextor unlocks some stuff in later firmware :slight_smile:

What FW Ver. are you using in the BenQ and what ver. in the Plextor?