Just bought a plain pioneer dvr-108 oem

i haven’t tried to burn it with a dvd media yet and should i update the firmware to the newest one? My firmware right now is v1.17 i never update firmware before and i’m afraid something bad might happen. i did however copy a cd-r which was good.oh and the firmware from gradius where you have modifie your 108 to 108dx is it any good at all?. or should stick with the firmware i have now.

Read a bit around to get more info about firmwares and your drive.
Then you could decide to stay with the current fw, update to an newer offical or a patched one.

is it worth hacking the 108 to 108dx? and my drive was manufactured november 2004

You mean patching… Only if yu need Bitsetting for SL media you would need the Piodata fw.

what’s bitsetting can you explain me what’s that

Bitsetting changes the media type of Single Layer +R media to DVD-ROM, therefore, the majority of standalone DVD players will be able to read the burned discs.

It changes the booktype. You can’t change the media type. It is an attempt to increase compatibilty with devices that don’t know what +R is.

and from my experience with my 3 old set-top dvd players, burning a movie to a bitset DVD+r or DVD+rw has a greater chance of being played than burning it to a DVD-r or DVD-rw. Two of my old dvd players wont read -r burnt dvds, but will read +r providing I bitset them. I cannot understand why Nil’s 114 firmware hasn’t been modified for bitsetting?! Would be the perfect firmware mod.



Is that an advantage? if i change my 108 to 108dx.

That’s what I meant, based on the posters questions, I felt a simple meda type instead of booktype would make more sense.