Just Bought a Panasonic DMR-ES30V



I just bought a Panasonic DMR-ES30V and dub’d my 1st VHS-DVD. I went to play it in my computer and it didn’t work. I re-read the instructions (some of them) and realized you needed to finalize the DVD. OK, as soon as I finish this next tape/DVD I’ll finalized the DVD’s. In the meantime I was wondering how can you tell if the contents of a VHS will fit onto a DVD. Most of my home movies are 8 hours (recorded in slow play) and was wondering if they Will fit on a DVD? Any help would be appreciated. Bruce


You can use DVDSHRINK, and shrink just about any size vhs down to a 4.4gb dvd, but there is a quality loss. I usually don’t put more than 4hrs of vhs onto a dvd. That way I get plenty of stuff on one movie, and the quality is still good. If I want the best quality, I will put two hrs or less on one dvd and use very little compression. Your quality will also be determined by what hardware and software you use to capture.


your DVD recorder must have an option how many hours you want to copy on a DVD. it goes from 2 hours to 6 hours.maybe 8hours…
if you choose 6 hours, except to have a not so good quality.
the best would be to put ur 8 hours movie on 2 DVD disc.


So where in the manual does it discuss finalizing the disc? I jsut posted the same question. d’oh!