Just bought a new lite on .... now how to use it to burn copies of GTA3?

ok , ok, i went out and i bought a liteon since my plex 40 was not
copying SD 2 . i Know have to burners installed , what i need to know is how do i copy games, i need the settings for Global OPS, SOF 2 and Jedi knight 2 and sim golf and how about MOA. i own these games would like to back them up. Help me obi moderator your my only hope!!

There’s not much to it… Just have Fast Error Skip enabled when making the image!
When burning, disable AWS if it’s enabled and just keep BurnProof on and you should be fine…

here goes nothing!:cool:

This is using CloneCD I take it TheChronic?

Yes, using the default game profile in CloneCD 4 will also do the trick.

Or download our CloneCD profiles here.

thanks heaps… still surfin around the forum @ the moment…

Brilliant :slight_smile:

Global Ops was a Success ! next up soldier of fortune 2 and Jedi 2

:smiley: Soldir of Fortune has been copied, jedi knight 2 burnt …more to come !!!

Morrowind and freedom force is there not anything that can stop the liteon