Just bought a new DVD-burner (problm)



BenQ DW-1670
my system is in a 100% condition
the problem is that i tried burning a couple dvds but it failed
i am using nero
what happens is that when i start the burning a clicking sounds starts and then no progress goes on and suddenly an error failing to burn at 4x and
back in the log there is like power calibration error

p.s i have a good PSU though


hey guys i found something so i want your help
i opened my pc up to check up the setup up of the dvd-writer
heres what i found

my first hard disk is installed alone using the sata connection(WD1600JS)
my second hard disk is IDE(ST340810A) & installed & no jumper was found no square small thing was their
and the burner was connected with the IDE hard disk and the dvd burner was on master

could it be the problem