Just bought a new BenQ 1620

Hi all,

Great forum!!! You all convinced me to buy the 1620. I bought it from


Its a bare drive though…does that mean no software? What firmware do you think it will have?

Thanks for the help. I have downloaded the cross flash items I need. I am assuming it will have “G” firmware and not “B” retail firmware.

Also, they sell TY media. Does it look legit to you guys? Any experiences with this company?

Welcome to the forum and congrats. You should get a disk with it. If it didn’t come with a disk you can download the Booktype management tool and Qscan from BenQ’s website. I’ve never ordered anything from them so i couldn’t say for sure. Got to Best Buy and get some Fujifilm 8x disks that say “Made In Japan” on the label those are TY’s. And read up here there’s lots of info to be had. The bargin basement and media forums have alot of info.

Thanks rolling56. I’ll take your advice and head out to Best Buy this weekend. Its about an hour away for me. I can take the wife shopping! (its next to the mall in jacksonville, FL). Thanks for the quick reply.

There are other stores that have good media also. Check out the forums in my above post you might have a store nearer you. Or nose around BenQ forum here and see what works for most people. :wink: My wife hates to go to BB or CC or anywhere that has to do with my hobby lol

Hi - media [at least the non-printable 8x + format] looks plausible as genuine TY - if so it is a good price, especially if get a deal on the combined carriage.

Your gonna love your BenQ :wink:

I don’t see that your other questions were addressed, so here’s my guess:

It looks like the picture shows a genuine BenQ, just not in the retail packaging. If so, you might have “B” firmware, perhaps B7L9, B7G9 - it depends on the date of manufacture.

My rebadged 1620 came with G7H9, manufactured Sept. 2004. This is really an OEM, in that it doesn’t have the BenQ faceplate and uses the “G” firmware. It could be that you get something like this - if this vendor buys BenQ as if to sell a “house” brand drive (quite a nice choice for a house brand).

You might get a bare drive.

Now, if you know the 'net well, you can find software. There’s free stuff that can burn, but usually DVD Video type stuff. For a general data burn you need a mastering application like Nero. My rebadge came with Sonic’s RecordNow, and while some here like that, it seems to soak up CPU attention. It’s possible your drive will come with that, but I don’t know this vendor.

If you do get a “G” firmware, take some care before you jump to crossflash - technically that voids the warranty, and you should probably hold off for a while until the drive “settles in” just in case there’s a problem.

To that end, the widely available G7P9 is functionally identical to B7P9. Even BenQ’s QScan will run with that - which is about the only reason you really want “B” over “G” - save the odd time that a version is out more recent that “G” has available.

Note, too, that not everyone is convinced here that B7T9, the most recent I’ve heard of, is any better than B7P9 (G7P9). “P9” gives you 4x DL speed, and many agree it’s still their best, though a few have reported improvement with “T9” - check the “T9” thread before you take the leap.

G7P9 is on my drive, and it’s working miracles here.

Your great wisdom shows. :bigsmile:

Thanks for the replys everyone. I think I will take all your advice and stay in the “G” firmware until I think I need to upgrade it. The drive should be here tommorrow. I’ll post what I got. I already have NERO, DVD Shrink and the latest DVD Decrypter so I’ll let you all know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to those posts. Enjoy your new drive.

Hi all,

Bad news. I received the drive and my computer won’t boot with it. I have tried everything. It locks trying to go in safe mode or normal mode (Win XP home service pack 2). All I did was take out the Toshiba DVD rom drive. Configured my Benq as MASTER just like the TOSHIBA was. It is slaved to an LITE-ON CDRW drive. Computer will not boot. Unplug the power from the BenQ and it fires right up. It does show an ATAPI drive at start-up but locks before it gets to the windows screen. It won’t boot in SAFE at all. It is an OEM drive. Came with G7L9 firmware. No software at all. I also tried a brand new 80 pin IDE cable. No dice. Do you think I have a bad drive? My system is an Athlon Xp 2100+, MSI K7N2-L Nforce-2, WD Hard drive (X2), Kingston PC2700 RAM (2 X 256), ANTEC powers upply, MSI TI-4200 video card. Boy is this frustrating… Think I should RMA? I thought about the NFORCE 2 IDE drivers, but it wont even get to windows. It locks way before that.

Shut it down …unplug the drive and reboot then uninstall the Nforce IDE drivers…reboot and see if you have M$ drivers…shut down reconnect the BenQ and start it up.

ROLLING56…YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Im sorry I shouldn’t shout. I am just excited!!! It worked like a champ!!! I don’t get it though. I never made it into windows at all. Standard MS Drivers work perfectly. Am I losing a lot by not using the Nforce IDE drivers? Hard disk speed, etc?

Nah, you’re not losing much by not using the nForce2 IDE driver. I’ve tried it against M$'s driver on my Asus and there are no perceivable differences. That’s the only driver from ForceWare that I’m not using.

Well if you reinstall the Nforce drivers you won’t be able to burn anything…I don’t think you will lose anything as you have to get rid of the Nforce drivers for it to work. Now supposedly B7P9 or G7P9 is supposed to correct this problem…So if you want to upgrade the f/w to either and reinstall the Nforce drivers go ahead…Glad it’s working for now. Atleast you know where the problem is. Happy burning :wink:

Thanks for all the help. I just upgraded to G7P9 firmware. There is also an G7Z9 out there. What is that for? I’ll stay where I am for now. I’ll wait a bit to cross flash.
Thanks again :slight_smile: I think I will stick with MS IDE drivers also for now.

I have no idea why the G7Z9 f/w is there. I bought my OEM BenQ from Newegg and it had “G” f/w on it but i cross flashed the old way as the .cvt files were not avilable then and had no problems. So just keep it with G7P9 and burn some disks see how it goes. If you want to take a chance a void your warrenty …read in the BenQ forum and flash at your own risk. There’s nothing wrong with G7P9 f/w…Did you get the software with your drive? Booktype Management and Qscan?

No, I didn’t get any software at all. I downloaded Booktype management 8.4 and Qscan. I already had nero version 5. I just ripped a movie (Winter Break…for the wife :slight_smile: ) and burned it at 16X (TY002 media)…popped it into the ONKYO stand alone player in my home theater and she played like a champ!! Its a small movie so I didn’t have to shrink it at all. Quick burner too! It tool about 6 min for the whole process!!

Nice I have a guide on changing a HP DVD Writer to a Benq DVD Writer 2 topics down full with info, so u can be sure u know if it can or cannot be cross-firmwared

Good deal …happy burning :wink: