Just bought a nec 3550a with a aitlink101 enclosure and theres nothing but problems

ok so when i first installed everything it looked great…windows picked up everything and the drive was installed very quickly…i put a cd in the nec drive and it read it fine…then when i put a dvd in there thats when the problems began…so far the drive only reads one dvd for some reason…everytime i put another dvd in ithe drive it sounds like its reading it but then nothing happens…when i click on the drive from the computer it says please insert a disc into the drive…ive tried upgrading the firmware and nothing is working…please if anyone has any suggestions…i thought maybe it was because the drive is hooked up through usb but i dunno…please help anyone this is getting really frustrating

Crap enclosure/chipset.

Search for an firmware update.

firmware update on the enclosure?

For the chipset inside it.

how do i do that…im not real familiar with this…i have it opened up right now what do i do

Must be mentioned somewhere.

Also check with Everest.

the model number on the enclosure is AEN-U55…cant really seem to find much on this

everest??im kinda a newbie on this stuff man u gotta be more specific…

Software everest home edition

ok i downloaded it now…what do i do next?

Try to find out more about the enclosure.

i cant find the enclosure on everest…im looking everywhere…i see my dvd drive but cannot find anything about the enclosure

the only thing i find on everest is that the usb its connected to says its a mass storage device

can anyone help me here?

I think the best idea would be to read the big enclosures thread and choose an reliable enclosure for your burner…