Just bought a Liteon Combi Drive SOHC 5236v!

Flashed it to the latest Liteon official firmware : R$0G May 8th 2006

my question is this, is this the best firmware for this drive ?
and how do i make it region free,

and the speed read settings whats the best speeds to put the firmware at for reading ect aswell as how do i rip the .bin out of the liteon exe to change it ect…

basicly im looking for the best firmware for this drive with region free added aswell as best read speeds :slight_smile:

LtnRPC will make the drive region free, you can use LTNFlash to dump the firmware in bin format, then run the bin through omnipatcher for read speed patching

thanks mate, you dont happen to know what speeds are best for reading do you.
becuse im sure maxing them all out in ominipatcher will do more harm than good.

basically mine is set at 16x dvdrom/9 and 12x for the rest

thanks :slight_smile:

ok last question i ripped out the firmware from the drive then used ominipatcher to patch speeds.

now im trying to flash the firmware back to the drive but im getting lockups lol

i tryed MTKflash and its locking up the system…
i have to hard reboot, why is it hard to flash this drive do i have the right tool ? lol

use LTNFlash to flash the bin firmware, what i did

Do you know where i can get the latest version of that ?
or email me it lol :slight_smile:

Well i just tryed LNTflash v1.24 and selected the bin image
and selected update then selected go

it said please wait then 1 seconds later it said DONE

then i tryed shuting the program down and it wouldnt it just locked up and i had to hard reboot.
even when it said please wait between please wait and done nothing was happning on the front of the drive the led wasnt blinking or anything also i didnt get eraseing banks ect or flashing to banks ect…

dunno what the hell is going on… is 1.24 the latest version thats compatible with my combi drive ?

you have it connected by ide cable?

Yes mate i do, primery ide on motherboard in master and hdd in slave.

try in safe mode

Ok :slight_smile: i will get back to you after i have tryed that.

nope still freezes :frowning: i havent ever had a problem like this before lol
what about dos… could you tell me what i need and what the commands are for a dos flash lol