Just bought a GSA-H42LRB

Im a BenQ fanatic, but after Liteon has taken over, Ill try this drive. curse Ive heard lot of good things about LG here in Denmark. Where can I get a new Firmware, and is it nessery to get a patched FW, to obtain max. writespeed on all sort of media, and to remove riplock ?
In old BenQ drives there´s no riplock, and the Qsuite rocks, and all drives set`s +media to dvdrom as default :bow: , but what about LG ? :confused:
Please give me some links to where I can get information or download FW.
I don´t have the time to search all threads, so please help me :clap:
best regards to you all :slight_smile:

No new f/w for the 42L at the moment, when it will be available you’ll have to use ala42 MediaCodeSpeedEdit to get max read speed, i really dont know much about booktype and LG drivers, but my guess is that you’ll have to wait for a Hitachi or Buffalo firmware.

okay, where do I look for those FW :confused: , and using ALA42, I know what to do there :bow: , can i download original FW from LGs website , or do I have to make a dump of the drives FW :confused: ?
Thanks !!! :clap:
ivol !

The firmware is only SL00 at the moment. official.
You can look to http://us.lgservice.com for new firmwares

LG GSA-H42L does change book type for DVD+R and DVD+RDL but not for DVD+RW.
The problem is that the changing is not permanent, I mean after restarting your PC your setting to DVD-ROM is lost and have to set it again.
This can be resolved with a utility called Bitset, who’s running every time you start your PC.
See this link for download the application and … it worked for me. And is very useful.

The link for bitsetting is


As Vasy said, no new f/w for the 42, you’ll have to wait with us for a f/w.

Ala42 is a user that makes MediaCodeSpeedEdit, have a look here for more info.

I think that there is no way to dump an LG firmware.