Just Bought a BenQ Dw1655 External From Meritline ***QUESTION***

Hi, I just bought a BenQ DW1655 w/external case from Meritline.com

Was wondering if this case was any good? if anyone has one and if it is a good buy for the buck …

heres the link


-David Skyler

Well, the 1655 is a great burner. They jus poped it into a Bytecc case and are selling you the package. BenQ drives can have a lot of trouble in external cases so the first thing you should do is get CDSpeed and to a transfer rate test as well as a test burn at different speeds (won’t waste disc but you need a 16X -R media). I would assume you will get to 12X if the enclosure has the right chip. If not 8X. They should have thought this out as a lot of people would be returning these if they had the wrong chips.

If you had built this yourself with a Plumax case with the new Cypress AT+ chip you would have spent about the same.

which plumax case should i get?

and do you know if the chip and the case are available at Meritline.com

If so, I’d like to change more order before it ships… PRetty sutre I can do that…

what about this package? Would this work?


Read up here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=175536

The Plumaxes I have used are linked there. I would stop the order in any case and decide if you want to build the thing yourself. It is as easy as 2 screws, two plugs, and 2 trim panels. If you do want to, the BenQ can be had at Newegg.com, the best place to go. The Plumax cases are at Dealsonic. If you want to buy already made, you need to confirm with the seller that you can get to 12X burn, and find out the chipset in the case. You want the Cypress AT2+ or a Prolific 3507. There have been reports of other chipsets that work, but no thorough testing.