Just bought a AD-7260S, Binflash reports firmware as 1.60?

Bought from Newegg China today.
Binflash WinGUI 1.51 & Nero CD-DVD speed both report that the firmware is 1.60.

Since the latest firmware from Sony and Liggy/Dee’s is 1.01, what is this 1.60?

I can dump its firmware using Binflash.
Size: 1769480 bytes
CRC: 66D0CF12
Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H7JYC4UL

BookType settings for DVD+R SL & DVD+RW cannot be changed (DVD+R DL is set to DVD-ROM by default).

Can someone advise on this? Just wonder if it is a new firmware, or something is wrong and I should return it to Newegg.:confused:

I think it might be a Chinese only firmware or some type of beta release but I have seen that version on a few of the test burns posted by some of the guys that end up with drives for review and like that.
I’d think as long as it works OK for you and you can update to a newer FW when available I’d be happy you got something a bit different and just use it.
Thanks for posting it anyways, maybe I’ll take it for a test drive:bigsmile:

Thanks Dartman. I’m not sure if there’s any difference in hardware. Are the people with this firmware able to flash it to Sony’s official or Liggy’s firmware without bricking the burner?
The burner works fine. Booktype setting is a bit of pain though.

I don’t see why not but you could always ask in the threads about this burner, there are quite a few, and see if Liggy or one of the others more into that will answer for sure.
I have a 7240x2 and a 7260 myself but never have seen that 1.60 FW in the wild though a at least one of the guys has posted results with that FW.
I think they are about the best burners out there right now for at least DVD burning, though I still have a BenQ 1655 I use for testing and the occasional burn.

As the 1.60 firmware just identifies with Sony - not with Optiarc - I assume it’s the firmware for some kind of retail drive. While most drives that are sold are bulk drives.

Flashing between different versions should work fine, in most cases Binflash will complain if the firmware is not compatible with the drive.

Thank you Liggy. Successfully flashed the burner to 1.01 Auto and can reverse to 1.60.:bigsmile: