Just bought a 1650



I was wondering if this drive is better than the ND-3550A. I was going to buy that first but noticed how well the Benq drive burns TYG02’s and also learns how to burn other media the best. Do the Benq drives hold up better over time than the NEC’s? I saw that the 1640 was #2 on the videohelp list of drives so I figured this 1650 should be about as good. Anyone have any experience with the 1650 and Maxell (MXL-RG03) media? Also where do I get updated firmware for this drive? I checked the Benq website and didn’t see the 1650 listed for firmware.

I checked the Benq website and didn't see the 1650 listed for firmware.

You probably should look better. It’s on the BenQ site for sure: service & support section.
BenQ are great drives. They are also faster than NEC drives (I have the ND4551 too).
Get the DW1655 or wait a while for the new DW1670 instead. Both are great choices.
Long term lasting I don’t know as I buy a new drive every year because of blazing fast development in optical storage devices and they are relatively easy to afford.


I already got the 1650… I just checked their site under firmware and they only list these models.

DVP 2108VR  	
DW1620 Pro 	


The problem is, there are several sites. Try here


Okay cool thanks I just downloaded the latest firmware. Newegg just told me they shipped my drive so I will have it Friday.