Just bought 812s



I just bought the liteon 812s and i was wondering would it be worth upgrading it to the 832s firmware, or should i wait till dvd+dl media come out as i don’t think i will be buying any, and to avoid screwing up the warrenty straight away?

And two things. Once it has been upgraded to the 832s, when new firmwares come out for the 832s, would i still have to use the omnipatcher, or can i just download the official one, and install as if i had a ‘real 832s’. Finally, do you think any firmware will be coming out later to allow it to burn dvd+dl at 4x?


i got my 812S less than a week ago.
now i only updated to US0N firmware (latest for 812s), the VS08 thread is showing it is good, equal or a little than US0N.

but i’ll wait for DL media before updating to it, or if VS08 is much better than US0N.

even when you omnipatch to 832, your drive’s eeprom is still 812s, and official 832 will not work. you need always to use the omnipatcher.

firmware for 4x DL, i don’t know, there are no liteon drives that support DL other than 832 for now.


This is something that I have wanted to know as well, when will 4X DL burning appear and will the 832s be able to support 4X DL burning?

2.4X DL burning @ over an hour per disc will take so much time to complete a full burn.


But less time than shrinking and burning. It takes less than an hour per disc. The disc holds 8.5GB. I’ve only burned one DL disc so far. I’m waiting for the right movie to burn my second DL disc. But the first one took less than 50 minutes.


That’s faster than I thought then. I wonder why it’s so fast?

My 811s and 832s at burning a full single DVD: about 9 minutes at the speed of 8X, 16 minutes for a full single layer burn at 4X and finally about 32 minutes for a full single layer DVD burn at 2X.

I guess the lead in/out times may be quick on the DL and the fact that they are not the “full twice as large” as a single layer DVD make up for the over 10 minutes that you seem to be “saving” over how much time I “figured” it would take to burn a full DL.


I know my 812s@832 does the lead in/out much faster than my 811S drive does.