Just bought 1620

how do i check what firmware i have and which is the best firmware version?

for some reason i can’t burn a dvd image with alchol 120%

Firmware read here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=118794#fw-check

Upgrade Alcohol to newest version, for support off your burner.

g7l9 is the firmware i have, is it updated?

I would recomenf G7P9 or G7T9.

Alternatively, you can cross-flash your drive to the “B” series FW:

Do this:

Go here: http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm

  1. DL the B7P9 or B7T9 .cvt file
  2. DL the WinDWFlasher
  3. Flash your drive while empty and reboot


Go here: http://home.arcor.de/ala42/MCSE/

  1. DL the newest version of MCSE
  2. DL official BenQ firware (hereafter FW). I suggest B7P9 or B7T9***
  3. Unzip and open MCSE. Load FW into MCSE.
  4. Click the “increased read speed” checkbox. Hit Save.
  5. Double-click the patched FW (it’ll say something like B7P9_speedpatched) and let it flash.
  6. Reboot.



No get this one, its newer



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so what’s the difference between b7t9 and b7p9, and why change from G to B

nothing there identical but for name string, G is bulk oem drives where , B is some oem and retail benQ

how about the difference between P and T

how about the difference between P and T

Some people have better burns using the P or T firmware. In my opinion it would also depend on the brands of DVD MEDIA you’re going to use. I use B7P9 on both of my drives. For me the T and latest firmware didn’t work well with the DVD MEDIA that I use. If you have a dvdrom there isn’t a need to download the MCSE. Personally I’d rather use my dvdrom’s to do the ripping for me unless a dvd disc that is scratched I’ll use any one of my dvd burners.

Try them both and see which one like the media better than the other. What is the Media ID on your DVD disks you have?

  1. DL official BenQ firware (hereafter FW). I suggest B7P9 or B7T9***

where can i download the offical firmware

@ KenW: I’m just too quick :cool:

Generally, if you use good quality media, like Made in Japan stuff (TY, MXL REG03, etc.), it shouldn’t matter a whole lot whether you use P or T, but I use P myself with MXL RG03s, and I’ve never had a coaster or a sub-94% quality burn.

Cheers and enjoy your “ripping monster” (as I’ve dubbed it elsewhere),


Hi man.

Right here: Official FW

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i’m using T and its fine now, thanks

btw: when i’m burning, sometimes it flashes the green light, what does that mean?

EDIT: when i’m burning with alcohol 120%, the speed doesnt’ steady, it sometimes goes 8.0x then 7x and 6x, the odd time it would go 2x, what’s wrong and is there a fix?