Just arrived, SOHW-812S

My drive just arrived this morning. Hooked it up and flashed to US0N. Then I used DVD shrink and nero to make a backup of The Whole Nine Yards. The blank DVDs I ordered are not supposed to get here till Wednesday so I used the Lite-On dvd-r that came in the box. It worked great in my ps2, sharp dvd player, samsung dvd player, and of course in my computer. Here is a kprobe scan of my very first burn. Looks to be a very good scan too me, but its the first I have done. I new to this whole thing. Lets hope I attatched the pic right :slight_smile:

Thanks to everybody here, I have learned a lot in the 2 weeks I have been here. I think I will be very happy with my dvd burner.

I’m sure you will :slight_smile: