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Having been a cloner for about 2 years I feel that I have some knowledge of clonecd. Congratulation has to be give to ollie for the improvements to clonecd 4.0. But the only thing that should be included with clonecd would be the list for supported burners in clonecd help like they had with other ver’s of clonecd. This helps largely so that I could look at best burners to recommend to friends. I hope ollie you can read this and may reintroduce this in future release (post beta). One again great improvements and it should help people who have no ideas with CD Replication to make perfect 1:1 back ups. Three cheer’s to ollie. :cool: Three cheer’s to ollie

Talking about supported cdrom, dvdrom and cdrw drives.

My Toshiba 1602 dvdrom drive was fully supported by the older versions of clone-cd. With clone-cd v4 i get messages that the drive doesn’t support reading sub-channels etc.

The strange thing is it doesn’t say it every time.

I hope the problem wil be solved…

Originally posted by damiandimitri
I hope the problem wil be solved…
It was in the new beta 14 (www.elby.org).

It isn’t 100%…since I have the same problem with NEC DVD as reported in another post…

:mad: :mad:

i will look if the problem is still there or not…and report back

The problem with the “subchannel of data” and " extra audio info" is still there in beta 14.
This sucks, because i got the Toshiba dvd drive because it was recommended for clone-cd.
I hope Olli can fix the problem, it shouldn’t be the hardware…i hope

The same was for my NEC!!!

:frowning: :frowning: