Just an idea/ForumStore

Here is something that I have noticed in another site and and thought that it was interesting and wanted to run it by Domi/Admin’s.

Forum Store where you can change you own usewr title and make it in bold letters or highlightes and so on. You build points by post. post = x amount of point.

Here is a pic from a website that visit from time to time. What do you think?

It is nice, but I personally don’t like this for our forum (my personal opinion).
The user titles now give an indication of the amount of time spent on the forums. In a lot of cases this may be an indication on how to value that person’s opinion (except those Living room post frenzies).

Having seen what happened in the living room with people and their obsession for a higher post count (example: Big number thread), I feel that adding this feature will only stimulate people more to more posts with less content.

This could be nice for an all fun forum or if it could be restricted for the Living Room forum, but I don’t think it is suited for the entirety of this forum.

Thanks for the reply Tax. I understand completely