Just about to get a nec3500, which 4x or 8x media will work at 16x?

anyone know ?

4X media @ 16X is asking a bit much, officially None, but i’d expect TY 8X and Verbatim 8X to burn at 16X or at least 12X.

Considering the fact that it is a brand new drive and many of us don’t even have access to buying one yet it’s really hard to say at this point in time. I’d go with what Dee said though and stick with the best brand named media you can get at 8x and you should be able to burn at least 12x with it.

I don’t expect any 4x media will work at 16x using official firmware.
But firmware tweak may allow it. I’ll pick up “Yuden000 T01” for the candidate if any one media is successful.

In fact, KenShin reports that there exists media with 4x label, but comes with 8x(Yuden000T02) code, actually burns at 16x. But it isn’t likely to happen in US or Europe.