Just a thought



Most copy protection mechanisms involve decrypting the digital stream of data coming off the DVD, and with the demise of DVD Decryptor this may become increasingly difficult to make a backup of your own legal discs. When HD DVD / Blu Ray comes out, I’m sure it will be even more difficult.

I’m not sure if anyone has thought of an alternative:

  1. Write a filter ffdshow-like filter that instead of massaging the image actually outputs an equivialent video image data to disk in realtime. The de-encryption is already done by the DVD drive / media player and this could be stored as unprotocted video on the hard drive.

I’m no expert, but I guess ffdshow actually decodes the data itself. So instead of that isn’t there a way to intercept calls to the video driver and capture the bitmaps written to the display card to disk as well ?

  1. A hardware device that plugs into the DVI-out port and captures the digital image back into the PC writing to hard disc an unprotected video file.

I’m sure this has been thought of before, but I havent seen any applications do this. What’s the catch ? I suppose speed, but it would be better than nonthing.


Disclaimer: I for one dont condone piracy…every video / music file on my PC is a legal copy of media I have bought, but I don’t see why I should be prevented of making a copy of something I already own.


When and if Protections Become too much,(which I doubt) my backup plan is to buy a Decent HDTV Capture Card, and run it to my DVD Player. Simple, slow but I’m sure it will be effective.:slight_smile:

DVD Decryptor is far from the Only Option Available, a sad ending, but maybe a great foundation to work from.