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I have never got round to taking the cover off my 5005.But if the DVD drive is
connected by an ide cable could it not be taken out and replaced with a better quality drive to do away with some of the faults that are developing.
Just a thought.
Stan35. :confused:


The drives are connected with an IDE cable and even the power connector is just like in a PC. That said, there are at least three issues that get in the way of what otherwise would be a nice solution.

First, I think the problems we’ve experienced in most cases are not caused by the two LiteOn drive models in use. Second, I doubt that the LiteOn processor board is going to be very savvy of other drives. PCs are different in that there is a full operating system and you have a ‘driver layer’ that helps one part of the hardware know how to talk with the drive. On yeah, thirs is that the two LiteOn drives I’ve seen in 5006s are externally not PC drives. They have some sort of different plastic case for mounting. I don’t know if this could be stripped off and the internal parts of a newer drive attached to it.



I think some people have had some success swapping drives:
Try finding posts by nickKK and digisolo.

Under Advance search function, try searching for “drive” as topic search and pick stand alone recorder as forum to search.

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The real flaws with the LiteOn units seem to be in the encode/decode processor. You might be able to swap drives but that won’t fix all the problems I had over FOUR units. I now have returned all of them and am off the LiteOn treadmill. I think my car could drive itself to Radio Shack :frowning:


I don’t have a DVD burner on my PC. I was wondering if I could take the one of my lvw5005 and plug it in my computer?


Joseph5 the answer is yes you can just remove the drive and plug into the PC be aware you will need Nero 6 or easycd 6 since these are both designed to run with a DVD-RW drives (nero can even burn from a TV card to the disk direct )

The only problems faced with the drives are

  1. you need to remove and return to a PC for any firmware updates

  2. most fail to play CSS disks

having said that all will burn the disks like the liteon drives do


@nicKK - What was the secret to getting the tray front off the LiteOn drive to get it out of the 5005. I’ve been bringing the whole 5005 to my PC and hooking it up. I was afraid to break the tray.


Edit - I seen that you did a whole lot of experimenting with burners in the 5005. Nice work !!!