Just a Thanks ANY DVD



Just a short thank you. I know all you usualy hear are the problems but I respect the hard work you are doing. All these upgrades withen just a short period of time! I guess Windows Vista has kept you busy. Thanks again and keep up the good work! :smiley:


Nice nascarmike. Im sure slysoft will appreciate comments like yours after all the gripes they have been hearing lately.


This program is just the best at what it does. There are no comparisons. The duo of AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 is simple and does exactly what it claims. :iagree:


Thank you all so much for your support. Without you our products would be worthless. :flower:


That says it all

and thanks James and other SS staff
keep up the great work


You could not have said it better. Great product, great support.:iagree:


Great software! The BEST!..Customer service on the other hand could use some improvment.


Yep and always has been :bow:


You think so? I don’t. I recently tried to receive support from Asus and Cyberlink. :Z
Compared to these two examples SlySoft support is outstanding considering the price of the products (with lifetime free upgrades).


Thank you SlySoft! :bow: :bow: :bow:


Yes, I agree. Improve your customer service SlySoft, please. :confused:


I thought Slysoft’s customer service was the best.


Well I sent them (Slysoft Support Ticket) an email through the support feature on Slysofts web site 6 days ago and no reply. The next day I had another issue and sent a support email and still no response from either support tickets. In my opinion that dose not constitute GREAT customer service. I am not flaming slysoft in any way just stating facts. By the way I think it’s the best DVD back up software money can buy I would just like better customer service.


Zycore -

Perchance have you ever contacted Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, or Hewlett Packard Technical Support? All you will ever get from them is a “Canned” E-Mail stating that they have received your initial E-Mail and absolutely nothing else. In my 25 + years of use of these companies products I have NEVER had any of these companies return any of my E-Mail correspondence with a meaningful response.

Then have you attempted to contact Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, or Hewlett Packard Customer Service by telephone? All you will be able to accomplish is to enter their automated Voice Mail system and get entangled in a endless loop of forwarded Voice Mail boxes. You will never be able to contact a real LIVE person and will never have ANYONE return your phone call.

Considering all factors I believe SlySoft has fully demonstrated that they have excellent Customer Service.



Hi zycore,
pls send me a PM with the ticket numbers, I’ll check what happened. The last few weeks we had about 800 Mails a day but never more than 48 hours of response time.


Thank you Tom. I just sent you the Support ticket numbers “The squeaky wheel gets the oil as my Dad used to say”


First of all as stated in my previous post I am not Flaming Slysoft. Second Microsoft, Dell, HP, Adobe might have bad customer service but dose that give another company the right not to respond to a support email? Yes some companies have better support than others. Yes some people might get a fast responce from Slysoft but my personal experiance has been different. I am not saying I dont like the product. I love this software. My problem is being adressed so lets move on. thanks for you help Tom.



Thanks for the PM and infos provided…

Meanwhile I’ve found your original mails and forwarded them to our head of support, John Smith (… is indeed his real name :iagree: ), he will reply to you the next few minutes.

I’m still investigating what happened with your requests. As soon as I found out, I’ll let you know…

Sorry for any inconveniences…



Thanks again Tom I got my responce from Slysoft Tech support.
:bow: :slight_smile: :clap: :iagree:


…but I owe you still an explanation why it took that long.