Just a (stupid) question



How many topics do you need to become a member?


30 or 31, and it seems I just reached it

And yes, this IS a stupid question


I am a member! Yahoo!


Has it any advantage being a
member instead of a junior member ?
(didn’t notice anything)


Lookin’ down and say :
you really suck babe…


You get a clubcard and your automaticly subscribed to the “CD-Freaks monthly magazine”… Furthermore you get a 10% discount on all CDs at Free Record Shop and V&D…

ehmmm…no, I didn’t notice anything of my membership… :wink:

*** You were kicked from #RedLand by MaStEr (MaStEr)…


Hey, only one or two posts and I’m a member too!!! It has one great advantage: Everybody thinks you’re very important!!!


Here’s another reply. I’m still not a member, so I’m posting replies until I’m a member too.


Yes!!! I’m a MEMBER!!!


Goddammit! I’me at 35, or well 36 now, and I’m still not a member… Goddamn discriminating…


I guess I could go and post a bunch of replies to topics I now jack shit about, like alot of people are doing around the forum…


My advice to you is to post useful reply’s and no bullshit, or you will be punished

ps: no hard feelings


BTW , you need 100 postings to become a member, remember, useful postings


This is the topic that made the most sense. It is a STUPID question!! Ok what do i get for 200 posts. A link to a good website with cdr and burning info? oops! did I say that?


Don’t worry, I won’t post crap replies! I’m just kidding you guys…


Just give DoMi a handjob and he will give u a junior member right…

A7 r0x


There are NO stupid questions, just stupid PEOPLE!



Erm… What defines a useful post?

This 1 should be useful 4 people who want 2 know what defines a useful post…


Erm… I don’t think HACK’s last three replies were very useful but hey, neither is this 1…


Hmm…its seems that I cant tell how many post i have because it doesnt say anything under my name or anyone else…is their something wrong here??


This is a VERY old topic! Back from the day’s I had just joined Cd Freaks! I don’t know who has made it a HOT topic again.