Just a simple question

Hi All:

I have spent the last couple of hours trying to get a simple answer to a question regarding a CD-DVD combo drive in an IBM thinkpad:

What DVD formats does it support?

The unit is an HL-DT-ST GCC 4160N drive. I believe that it does not support thr DVD+R or +RW formats but after checking the Hitachi, LGE and IBM sites I am still no further ahead than I was before. :confused:

Would anyone have any ideas as to a good source for this info would be?

Much appreciated in advance …


What does neroinfotool say?

That drive is a CD/DVD combo drive.
It will Burn and Read CD-R and CD-RW’s
It will ONLY read DVD’s it should be able to read both DVD+ and - R(W) disks

Hope this helps.

I have a similar Liteon model.

Thanks folks:

allformats: I did not install Neroinfotool on that unit as I was attempting to test the unit without Nero software on it to see if it would read a Nero created DVD. It does … but still will not read DVD+R(W) DVDs.

Mobilenvidea: are you sure that the unit is the same one? I know that there is an internal model that is similar in name and will read DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) … this unit does not appear to like the +R format. Might try again anyway - wouldn’t be the first time I was in error about something …

Either way - I told the rest of the users to stick with DVD-R for the sake of maximum backwards compatibility …

Appreciate the feedback - nice forums and people :iagree:



Running Nero Infotool is quite easy and takes not even a minutes. Try it first. Only very old and unlucky DVD-ROM and combo drives cannot read DVD+R/+RW media.

I had a DVD-ROM device which wouldn’t recognize DVD+R unless it was in PIO mode. Any DMA mode would make it choke. However, bitsetting DVD+R to the DVD-ROM media type always works.

Thanks folks. I will run InfoTool and also check the settings for the drive. Again - I appreciate the help …