Just a silly question

Em, folks, wouldn’t it be easier for Plextor to change the firmware of their drives the way that only the scan results get better (e.g. by dividing a result by something > 1)? Just asking :bigsmile: . I don’t want to push them in this direction … :disagree:

Or maybe just round large PIE values down to 280 and round large PIF values down to 4?

Or maybe only report those PIE values that are 20 and below and those PIF values that are 2 and below?

Or maybe just return a pre-determined acceptable PIE/POE/PIF scan with a maximum PIE value of 5, a total PIE count of 3421, a maximum PIF of 1, a total PIF count of 19, and a total of zero POE. All this can be returned automatically by PlexTools in a fraction of a second, so that lengthy scan times become history.

…or maybe they should just try to improve the burning quality? :cool:

or maybe, just maybe, someone could compare with a Benq, Lite or even NEC… :clap:


That is the reason why Plextor (or any other drives that are capable) cannot simply “modify” the equation or method so you will get better scan result.

You don’t need Plextor to do that. Just get the source to pxscan an do it yourself :bigsmile:

Too lazy for that … :slight_smile: