Just a quick weeinie question bout asus 1604p



Hi guys/gals just wondering about the dvd burner by asus, the asus 1604 p
I know its a rebadge of a pioneer but which one, i read on tomshardware.com that it is a hybrid of the 108 and a08. Is this true?

IF it is, is this anyway beneficial to performance?
If anyone has it this burner, is it any good? their cd-r burners rock…and still do :bow:

I can not seem to find any information on this burner; is it because its really crap or rare

Also does it have bittsetting capabilities, pi/pif scan and over speed in writing and reading



It’s OEM Pioneer DVD-108.

Go to the Pioneer forum and read all about your drive.

There a rewiew here. http://www.cdrlabs.com/reviews/index.php?reviewid=246