Just a quick question need an answer ASAP!



With burn quality being top priority, how does the plextor fare in this field?

I previously had a o/c 48125W, am selling it off today and might either wait for the CRW-F1 or just get a Plexwriter 40x. When burned at highest speeds with lower quality media (assuming that power rec 2 allows it). What are the chances of damaged/unreadable sectors and sudden speed shifting with nero's cdspeed data transfer test?


plex are know for good quality, but why u getting rid of the liteon?


oh; just read your thread in the liteon forum.

if i am not mistaken, teac cdrws give very high write quality :slight_smile:


I don’t have much experience with Yamaha, though ppl say its definitely a great brand. With plextor you get a top quality brand and great audio extraction capablity. Choosing between these two I’d go for the price, I mean yamaha’s labeling feature I won’t use since my cd-rs are all low quality light green types that will make any labeling next to impossilbe to read. I only have a 24x plextor but it seems to work fine with these low quality $0.15-0.20 cds, though the new 1.04 firmware gave a lil more restriction to 24x writing, so once in awhile its top speed becomes 20x. Yamaha, in an article I think I read on cdfreaks.com, said that their full cav writing stalibizes the writing because it doesn’t jump into different write speeds. I guess my main point is that you can go either way since they all have great features and brand names, the important things are the prices and cd-copying capablities.

Er…hopes this helps lol


Thanks for the comments. But plextor is still a tad too dear for me. It’s selling for US$151 here in Singapore. :frowning:

Got an OEM Teac instead. Very happy with it.:bigsmile: