Just a question

Looking at the sites and the forums i began to wonder: has cdfreaks any connection with The Ctrl-Alt-Del ?

Perhaps some people who visit that site visit CD Freaks as well (or is it the other way around :wink: ), but I don’t think CD Freaks has anything to do with the site you listed…

What makes you think the two are somehow connected?

have a look at the forum

oh and a long time ago i remember the news at cdfreaks used to look like those on www.the-ctrl-alt-del.com .i am a cdfreaks fan since the times of the first psx cracks (remember B.A.D.?) in 1997 or 1998. Ahh…i miss those times!:frowning:

Originally posted by Auron
have a look at the forum

That is easy to explain, they both use Vbulletin:

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VBuletin is standard script that you can buy a license of…same applies to UBB.