Just a question on firmware

Ok, from what I am gathering, some firmwares for the actual device is just that, not for the dvd burner, and some are just for the dvd burner.

The question:
The firmware for the standalone device, does it link itself or crossreference itself (if I may) as to what the burner can perform, and if so, can it be altered to actual utilize the whole drives features?

I guess what I am trying to figure out is if the firmware thinks it has a XXXX model and it has been replaced/flashed to another model XXX1, will it only burn what type of media that the standalone will allow or what the new drive can burn?

If this is the case, can the standalone f/w be “fixed” to allow the newer features/drives?

Are you guys tracking? (following)

What I do know is after replacing the drive in my 5005A it reads most anydisc

What about write?
Will it be able to do -/+ R and -/+ RW ? with a new drive?

All the LiTeOn drives support all write technology including the PC based drives used for replacement.

My 5005A which has my LiteON 832S burner in it now works fine with the 098 fw.

my 1693s writes DVD +/-R and + RW have not tried -RW of course the 5005 will not support DL writing

ok thanks, was just curious to see if a newer “drive” meant more media options than just the factory ones for the standalone, Thanks again.

@Hunter4u - the supported media codes for different ddw and a couple PC based LiteOn drive firmwares are here.

There is also a great tool by Ala42 called MediaCodeSpeed Edit that allows you to add/change media codes in the drives firmware. Check out the LiteOn Tool Collection in the LiteOn OPtical drive forum. The Codeguys also do a lot of marvelous stuff to LiteOn fw’s and I probbaly wouldn’t own any if they did not do what they do.