Just A plain question for

Would it be possible to have a french forum?, I’m sure some europeens here speak french and would like to express what they have to say in their own language (that includes me…), It would also probably attract more french users…

A Lot of you probably don’t care cause you speak english as a native language, but for some of us do…

So please don’t awnser making stupid comments like:
Cause it’s annoying and disrescpectful.


Make a poll and see how many frenchmen respond. 1st of all, I don’t think there’re many members who speaks french as their 1st language. 2ndly, we need a french speaking mod… ok, I just lost my train of thought.

It has been considered in the past but there really hasn’t been sufficient demand for a French language forum to warrant one.

This, of course, may be reviewed if demand increases. However, given that the non-English language forums (other than the Dutch forum) are not very active, it’s unlikely that there will be any change in the near future.