Just a newbie setup question



First, I’d like to thank members who have posted and written me and answered some of my questions. I have selected the ASUS Rampage Formula III w/ the i7 Intel3.06 950/1366 processor and an ASUS DVD Brn DRW-24B1ST. Overclocking will be another question down the line…
As I have previously written a question about either choosing a HaloXT or an ASUS Essence STX, I was concerned about how to set my SonyES HT receiver up so I’ll be able to listen to my headphone through the amp of the soundcard and use the 5.1 with my speakers through my receiver so I can watch 5.1 movies and play games.
I thought it would be just attach a toslink /optical from the card to the toslink of my receiver and I should get the 5.1, but others here wrote and said that’s not necessarilly always the case.
Any help about this set up or problem that may come up would be helpfull. Again thanks for reading and your opinions and ideas…


Well you have a choice, most of us with new systems will use the HDMI output of the video card to play movies and listen to music from the PC. Unless there is a format that is not compatible with HDMI output, I think there are still some limitations but for the most part HDMI works well. Optical digital output is also a good way to send music to a receiver, its better than a coaxial digital output because there is no ground loop issues.

Most high quality motherboards already have a optical digital output, that output is no different than the optical digital output of a sound car quality wise.


thanks again “eric93se”, I think that optical is a great way to go. I get so impatient trying to read through some of these manuals, and when there is a need for a change in a setting, or you want to change something else, there can really be a problem there that the book has no explanation for. I think I also mentioned if you get the wrong tech on the line things deteriorate rather quickly…much appreciate your time and effort…