Just a BLUES lover-Can you dig it or not

Was just wondering if their are any blues fans out there,ya don’t know unless you ask.Open to any discussion.One of my favorite is John Moony ,but of course I like most Music.

OK 48 hits and not one blues lover.What was Bob’s favorite saying "You’ve got a hole in your sole if you don’t dig the Blues"Come on there has to be some one of the myce that likes the Blues.,How about Eric Clapton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMR_3BJCmh8

I like many types of music marloyd .
The type blues I listen too is what some would find closer to classic rock , rock & roll , or maybe as far back as rockabilly.
So I define both Jimi Hendrix & BB King as blues musicians.
Some Elvis Presley & Roy Orbison could also be called blues.

It’s been a few years back & I’m not sure I still have it . I recorded 3 or 4 hours from the local PBS station a special on the blues. Mostly covered some of the early blues musicians . I will have to see if I can find it.

As far as what is called Rhythm & Blues I don’t listen to a lot of it . I guess I would define it as disco. However if I think of a Gladis Knight or Aretha Franklin song it plays in my head till I can get it out.I heard those a lot in Disco bars in my hard partying days.

A lot of country music is also blues sang with a different accent . They are refereed to as “Crying in My Beer” songs. What is a song where my wife & my girlfriend left me , my dog bit me, the house burned down & I wrecked my truck & broke my leg. But the Blues.

Your right cholla you can classify most music as blue because most of it started from the blues .I listen to all kinds of blue from the old screamin and crying pickin cotton blues to rock and roll.The fleetwood Mac band started out a blues band and Peter Green left it and fleetwood picked up christie McVee and Stevie Nick and become a pop band.So the blues covers a large area,you may know Clarence Gatemouth Brown a Texan and you said Stevie Ray.

marloyd , I’ve heard of more than one Gatemouth blues player . It seems they liked that as a nickname.
The time I drove for ZZ Top at a rock concert Muddy Waters was their backup .
I didn’t drive him anywhere though. Funny thing all had seperate rented cars . Plain Jane white Chevys.
I don’t think I posted Stevie Ray but would certainly include him as well as his brother Jimmy.
Don’t forget Blind Melon Chittlins

Joking aside Grampa Elliot part of Playing for a Change is good in his part of Stand By Me.
The rest are pretty good too.

BTW he’s not blind it’s part of his act.

I heard the you tube -playing for change and yes it is good.and Cheech and Chong are always good for a laugh.Texas produced some good blues player. You mention Jimmie Vaugh he just came out with a cd ,it’s so-so he has his brand of music but to me all his songs are sounding the same.Maybe I got to listen to it more.

try seasick steve–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNoPNC3ebYQ

I listen to a lot of hard/electric blues :cool:
Jimmie Barnes is a great vocalist :bow:
[SIZE=3]Jon Lord (Deep Purple) with The Hoochie Coochie Men (and Jimmy Barnes)~ Hoochie Coochie Man [/SIZE]

great DVD BTW

I’m listening to the Seasick Steve right now.
marloyd I had to copy & paste the link. I tested this one so it is just click it.

Kenny Wayne Shepard is good too & Buddy Guy .

I agree about Jimmy Vaughn not nearly as good as his brother & a bit repetitive.

James ,I gave the Jimmy Barnes llink a listen too. More the traditional gruff voiced blues . The kind Janis Joplin sang.

I’ve been waiting for your view James I don’t know anyone with more music knowledge than you…I’m not going back to boomers anymore can’t catch anyone .But I know you know your music and you know I like the Blues I’m trying to find anybody else who can dig them too.

Thanks Cholla kenny Waynes a favorite of mind and Buddy Guy is a favorite too but he’s slowing down here lately ,I got most their cds in my collection…Glad to get a couple responses Good Blues to you all.

O I just got Walter Trouts new cd and I give it a 80-90 review it’s a good one-It’s called The Outsider
I also got Popa Chubby-The Essential it also a good one and we talked about Jimmie Vaughan -Plays Blues,Ballads & Favorite -save your money

Albert Collins & Gary Moore~Too Tired

RIP Gary

[QUOTE=marloyd;2599172]I’ve been waiting for your view James I don’t know anyone with more music knowledge than you…I’m not going back to boomers anymore can’t catch anyone .But I know you know your music and you know I like the Blues I’m trying to find anybody else who can dig them too.[/QUOTE]

I did not care for the comments of Warrior whoever he was/is. Thanks :o , I was raised on music.

Both great blues artist ,both gone but never forgotten -isn’t Albert a lefty and Gary gets into his music some heavy stuff.
Sorry to see Gary pass away he will be missed.( young man considering most of us are at that age)

yeah the sites going nowhere,I sort of thinking it was going somewhere but it wasn’t time to move on.

Eric Gales with Double Trouble :cool::cool:

Eric Gales alis Raw Dawg he’s great I looked him up he’s from Memphis Tennessee very good player another JimiHendrix

another artist I like is R.L.Burnside you either like him or you don’t http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CSXEkcrMrU

Can’t say I’m a big fan of modern blues players, they are all very good, but not many are unique. A couple of notes from Mississippi John Hurt, and I know who it is. John Lee Hooker just has to sing one note, same with Howlin’ Wolf. Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy”, well, what can one say? Nothing wrong with Strat slingers but it takes a lot more to make me care.

I agree sort of I can get into the old stuff but I look for blues that other people thing is old hat but that’s where it came from. How about Cello music listen to these guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tN6_1dJveM&feature=related

Like I said I like all kinds of music but I love Blues

NOTICE-I have Parkinsons and if I seem short or running to fast tell me and i’ll try to control myself ,something s I go to fast like typing my fingers move faster than my brain.so I end up making mistakes.(lots of mistakes)With the new drugs they have today it’s sort of controllable.So if I seem out of it I am .But I still can talk up a storm.and do things .I garden and fix things exe…

And this thread is for non blue lover as well as the real deal.I want to heard your opinion.( my wife hate the Blues)

Ok I have good days and bad day and so do other people ,The Blues to me means more than sound machines like keyboards and synthesizers.It’s the feelings they but into the music.I like harmonica music a lot more than any other instrument,I think you can put more into it.you can see it in their faces.
George Harmonica Smith