Just a big thanks to everyone

Hi everyone. This is one of the things that really make this site great. This is a place you can go to if you have a problem with a nasty bit of protection on it. Somebody has problaby had a problem before and usually are pretty good about responding. I know I can come up with some weird and off the wall stuff.

But listen you freaks

CD FREAKS RULES !!! : ) : ) ;- ) : - )

Now everyone pat yourself on the back!!!
I have learned a lot from this site alone. and hope to learn more.

Have a burning day(I meant nice)

hehe, thnx 4 the comments :D, we try to help where we can, however, we sometime don’t know the answer as well :wink:

Thanks for those beautiful words :slight_smile:

You are one of many CDFreaks that really makes this THE place to be. Thank yourself for it too.

thanks WE all make this a kick ass site, of course along with the guys who run it!!!