Just 1 english audio, how

i just copy “tritan and isole”,with menus and everything, english only audio but i also got english directors comments, some other english audio(2channels). how can i avoid this? i only wanted english 3.2.1 only(the movie audio). this only happens if i choose to copy the whole disc. if a choose main movie only, it comes out ok, only the movie sountrack in english. audios take too much room which means more compression which means less quality picture.

Regular 1Click is intended to be an easy, 1Click solution to backing up DVDs. Consequently, it does not have the “reauthoring” features that you will find in either CloneDVD2 or 1ClickDVDCopy Pro. Both of the latter give you the ability to pick and choose from whatever soundtracks are there and to include/exclude other features on the disc.

@Bigboard. thanks for your help. in the future, whenever i want to copy a whole disc with one clickdvd i’ll do the following:
Decrypter/vobblanker(a great reathoring tool and free)/1clickdvd.

Hey aflover,

If you are keeping the extras like you mentioned, you would need to keep the corresponding audio for each extra as well. Most extras are in english 2 channel.
DVD Shrink is a good basic program to strip only certain audios.

well, when i do entire movie, i use Nero Recode2 which is also great for this purpose.