Jurassic Park

Can someone please shed some light on backing up Jurassic Park Project Genesis… I’m using the latest Alcohol120% and a Lite-on 40-12-48 but no luck so far on doing a 1-1 copy(unless I use RMPS)

scan the cd using clonyXXL and find the protection

I don’t have the exact version number, but the game is protected by SecuROM 4.8x

In order to back it up you need to either use the emulation method in Alcohol with RMPS, or you could use the CloneCD/Twinpeak method (which I recommend).

You could also just use Blindwrite with a BWA, but I wouldn’t recommend it.



Tried that,…ClonyXXX cannot find any protection…
I’ve used every setting on Alcohol and CDRwin didn’t help
I have a feeling that the protection on the Australian releases are sometimes different to that of the U.S.

use blindwrite and make a bwa file with blindwrites bwa builder. Blindwrite would be the best way to back up securom new. DONT use alcohol its hopeless

Alcohol hopeless? I’d have to disagree. At least Alcohol can read safedisc discs quickly whereas Blindwrite just can’t cope, and it has Deamon Tools RMPS support.

alcohol DPM is more more accurate than the blindwrite one.
Use alcohol to make the MDS, then mount the image on virtual drive and see if it works. if yes, then you can chose if burning using blind 4.2.5 (i don’t recomend it, future update could blacklist the tiwn forever) or burning with alcohol+RMPS (i use this method, it’s the easier, all the devices can read this cd and it hasn’t been blacklisted yet).

a nice tutorial would be great… just need to know how to drop image into virtual drive… does it play in the drive? without burning or does it help you find out if the disc can be backed up? hope this makes sense… you guyz have been great with your quick responses:bigsmile:

Excuse me , are there any updates on this ?
I would also like to back up my Jurassic Park (OG) and I’m wondering if there is any new experience to help me ?
Should I use ClonyXXL2015/6 , A-Ray scanner 2001 etc. and CloneCD/DVD 5022/2454 , BlindWrite 525138 or Alcohol 1921705 ? Without emulation , please !
BTW : What does RMPS mean ?

NB : Emulation is not an option , I hate that !


ClonyXXL and A-Ray Scanner are both used for finding out the copy protection on this game, which in your case should be SecuROM 4.8x. For a non-emulated copy, you can do 2 things.

  1. If you have a Plextor Premium you can use BlindWrite 5 to back it up. This should work emulation free.

  2. You can use TwinPeaks, Along with CloneCD and
    this BWA along with this tutorial and this should put you in the right direction:)

RMPS stands for Recordable Media Physical Signature and it’s an emulation option we use to make some certain games created a certain way run. In Alcohol, If you choose the SecuROM *New [4.x/5.x] option, the resulting copy you make with it will require RMPS to be enabled.

Good Luck!

Thanks a lot , $CyBeRwIz$ !!!

I recently bought the Goldmembership to VSO-software , so that’s great news ! I’ll try it soon .
But don’t I have to write BWA-files using Blindwrite ?

BTW ; I tried the BWA-link soon , but it doesn’t produce any download ??? The BWA-writing-link looks like great reading and I assume that things should be easier for me with both a PlexPremiumUSB , Plex712USB and LG GSA-4040b , right ?

And yet another question :bigsmile: :

What good is Alcohol for ? Any speciality that ClonCDVD + AnyDVD (bought them too recently …) and VSO-soft can’t handle ?

Oh , and BTW also :

I’ve downloaded Your tutorial ; looking forward to read it !

Do You - or anyone - think there’s something untested/impossible at this moment
that this combination can’t handle ?

Plextor PremiumUSB & Plextor 712USB (what about LG GSA-4040B ?) .

Nero6Ultimate , Clone-Any-CDVD & VSO-software (all w. licenses) and EAC (free) .

+ of course A-rayscanner , ClonyXXL2016 & ProtectionIDv5.0FinalB .

(((Relevant SysSpecs : ASUS P4C800-E-DeLuxe , 2,4GHzP4800 , 2048 MB Corsair PC3200 , 2x160GB Maxtor SATA 8MB , ASUS DVD616E , Antec 380 Watt )))