Junk part in DVR-108?

I bought a new DVR-108 on my visit to the states just now. On the way back home (Israel) the burner got hit… the faceplate cracked and the tray popped out refusing to close again. So i took matters into my own hands and decided to disassemble the burner and figure out a way to fix it. After alot of fiddling and messing around I got the drive to close and open the tray without any issues. I assembled the drive back again and it was working flawlessly.
I noticed i forgot to put one of the peices back!!! :o

So to anyone who may know what this part is… tell me if its important i put it back in or not :eek:

Hmm it not there for fun they wont make a part unless it needed as of cost, looks like it pivots, does ur drawer stop or can u pull it right out now cause that looka like a limit stop.

the tray opens and closes with no problem, doesnt seem like there is any problem with the tray mechanism. and the burner is functioning flawlessly.
just burnt a dvd-r @ x12 in under 7 minutes.
I have no idea how this part helps, it was just sitting on the main plastic peice not hooked to anything.

hmm yea looks like a stoper for the tray and/ or is part of the emergecy eject feature

Looks like it is part of the manual eject mechanism. Stress test the loading mechanism by loading and ejecting a DVD for 10 minutes or so. Listen carefully for any weird mechanical sounds and take notice of how long it takes for the drawer to open and close each time you do it.

My advice would be, if it doesn’t falter at all, and the burner is working OK, don’t mess around with it. Put the part away and only look at putting it back in if for some other reason you have to open the drive again.

I dont think its part of the manual eject mechanism since its completely on the right hand side of the drive whereas the needle hole is all the way to the left. But your advice sounds good. everything is functioning, doesnt make any weird noises or any delays on opening and closing the tray.