Jumpy video and clipping audio

Hi, I’m trying to rip a DVD using IMToo Platinum. I have encountered an issue with a couple discs. the video is jumpy (the video slows down, gets out of sync, then quickly speeds up to resync.) and the audio occasionally clips.

It’s not just doing this on the final product, but also in the preview window, and in the edit clip window.

I’ve tried the detect, force, and sync options, but to no avail. It’ll always render it out with that problem. So it seems to the problem is the way the software is reading the disc (and I’ve tried multiple DVD drives and copying it to HD)

Any suggestions?

so sorry for the late reply.
you can try these two ways.

one is:
Please open “Settings-Preference” and keep the option “Detect Progressive 24Hz” checked. Then please make the option “Force Progressive 24Hz” checked to have a try.

the other is:
Please enter “00:00:10” for “Start Time” to have a try. Please highlight the item which you want to convert by our program before modifying anything.

Also, you can uncheck the "Enable DVD Drive Buffer"option as follows to have a try.