Jumpy Staggered Playback Shrink3.2



I’ve backed up MIB 2 times.

One in max sharpness & one on default sharp.

The Default was burned on a rewritable
ritek and the maximum sharp on write once ritek.

The video playback with write once ritek on max sharp, played back staggered and jumpy in the extras, music video clip & the intro to columbia pictures tristar & dolby digital promo, but not the main movie title.

The other version played all of this fine except for the same dolby digital promo with the flashy intro helicopter flying.

I have never encountered this problem before on my previous but almost identical PC setup.

DVD & TV setup the same.

The only things that have changed is an upgrade to DVD Shrink 3.2

Im using the same Pioneer DVDRW upgraded from 106D to 108 dual layer version.

Im using the same Ritek media as always except this one has a white top for printing.

is this a bug in the new DVD Shrink 3.2?

Has anyone here had the same problem with this upgrade?

Should I try using the old version 3.0?

Or is Ritek loosing its integrity?

Any light to the subject will be apreciated, Regards

One more thing I forgot to mention…,

Im using Veritas Record Now 4.5.

The previous version that came with the Pioneer 106D was a little higer I think 4.6, 4.7 OEM cant remember.

The software that came with my current is the cartoon lookalike Nero that does not allow me to burn DVD in data mode…

It wants me to do it the wizards way reimporting the movie all over again for another hour… again… no thanks


Why are you trying to burn a DVD video disc in data mode with Nero?

Try this:

Redo your project using DVD Shrink to produce an ISO image file. Afterwards, open Nero and choose “Disc Image or Saved Project”; a file selection dialog will open. There will be a drop down combo box with “All Nero compliations and images” currently selected. Click the down arrow and select “Image Files (.nrg;.iso;*.cue)”. Navigate to the folder containing your ISO file and then click open. Since your OEM Nero software came with your player it should work with your Pioneer DVR-108 drive.




I would at least look at trying a different brand disc to see.