Jumpy/Scrambled Tapes



Hi All:

This question might be out of scope for this forum but hopefully, someone can help.

I’ve reached a point where I’m comfortable creating DVDs using various tools like Nero and RipIt4Me. My big project now is copying all my home movies from mini-dv and Hi-8 to DVD.

The mini-dv works very well because I can hook up my camcorder directly to my PC. However, since Hi-8 is analog, I am using Pinnacle’s MovieBox to convert the tape to an avi file. Unfortunately, I am encountering ‘jumps’ or scrambled frames in various sections of numerous tapes. I tried using several camcorders to play back the tape but the jumps persists (even when I don;t use the MovieBox) so I suspect the tape is the problem.

Does anyone know or have an idea how to make the tape play clean or how to fix the jump or scramble on the avi file without cutting the affected frames out of the avi file?

Any information is appreciated.



Your moviebox uses usb to capture. While usb can work, it is best to use firewire (iee1394). If your camera has a firewire connection on it, get a cable to connect to the firewire connection on your pc, and try using virtualvcr or huffyuv software to capture with. See if that makes a difference, before blaming the tape. If you can play the tape back on the camera (connected to your tv) and it plays okay, the problem is elsewhere.


Thanks for the quick reply Harley.

I am using a firewire. Starting to wonder if I should take a tape to a store that still sells Hi-8mm camcorders and see if the tape plays better with a new camcoder. The Hi-8mm camcorders I have are all over 10 years old.


Have you cleaned the heads on your camcorder?


Yep. :frowning:


I would try to do the playback on one of the suspect tapes, on your tv, and see if doing just a playback (using the camcorder hooked up to your tv or a monitor), and see how it plays. That will tell you for sure whether it is a tape issue, or a conversion/capture issue.


Very good suggestion Rob. I played back on a tv and no jumps or scrambles. Must definitely be a capture problem. I guess I got fooled by seeign the picture jump on the camera itself. Time to play around with MovieBox…

Thanks again! It’s a relief to know the tapes are okay.